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Frequently Asked Questions

BAMFI is an organization whose sole purpose is to increase the awareness of missing persons of color.

  • Expand public awareness of missing persons of color.
  • Increase the number of missing persons of color featured in the media.
  • Increase the number of individuals reunited with their loved ones.

All profile submissions will undergo a rigorous review process before being published. This includes confirmation from the police or investigating agency and verification of the case number. This is to ensure credibility of the Black and Missing Foundation and integrity of the data being reported.

Time is of the essence and we will attempt to add your loved one’s profile as soon as possible.

BAM FI will utilize a broad range of direct advertising techniques to generate widespread knowledge of its commitment to the safe return of missing persons. It will include website, ads in print publications geared toward the minority community, banner advertisements on social networking websites, brochures, flyers, television, and radio.

There is no charge. It is absolutely FREE!

Profiles of those missing are featured on our website. Additionally, the profiles are shared with BAMFI’s media partners and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

"YES, my daughter Justina has returned home. I am overjoyed. I just wanted say thank you to Derrica Wilson, co-founder of Black and Missing Foundation, Inc. She was just absolutely on point. Supportive, informative and helpful. And thank you sisters & brothers out there. You're prayers & supportive words helped me to be confident, encouraged and focus! God bless you all!"


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