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What (or Who) is Missing in the Media?

Kalisha Madden, Raven Kimbrough, Jahessye Shockley and Mishell-Nicole Green are just a few of the African American women who have gone missing recently, and received no major media attention.
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Why I Speak Up for Black and Missing

The autopsy report came in last week. Sixteen-year-old Phylicia Barnes was murdered. Not that there was much doubt. But now it's official. Police aren't saying how or why, because it might hinder their investigation into who did this.
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Avoid Abduction: Tips To Save Your Life

Following the recent discovery of eleven murdered Black woman in Cleveland at the hands of a convicted rapist and the ongoing FBI investigation of nine missing Black women in North Carolina, Black and Missing, Inc. President and CEO Derrica Wilson shares why she and co-founder Natalie Wilson are fighting for missing Black women and tips to save your life.
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Black & Missing: Giving Voice to the Lost

In June 2005, cultural reporter and journalist Kristal Brent Zook published an article in Essence that broke the dam of silence on the media's blatant disregard for the lives of missing persons of color.
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