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Missing people of color ‘shunned’ by the media, advocates say

The media has long highlighted cases involving missing white Americans, yet nearly 40% of the nation’s missing are people of color.

New bill aims to create a statewide alert system to help find missing Black children

A new bill would create a statewide alert system to help find missing Black children.

California’s ‘Ebony Alerts’ for missing Black youth go into effect

On Jan. 1, California's law designed to aid young Black people who go missing officially went into effect. Here's what it does.

8-year-old Shy’Kemmia Pate disappeared in 1998. Her family still hopes for answers

Shy’Kemmia Pate went missing from her home in Georgia more than 25 years ago, when she was eight years old. Her family is still hoping for answers.

Black people disappearing, disregarded becoming ‘crisis’, what’s being done about it?

More leaders are now acknowledging the crisis of Blacks going missing and receiving little or no public attention. So California has passed into law the "Ebony Alert" system to help locate missing minorities who often go ignored.

California new laws for 2024: Alerts for missing Black children

Under a new state law, emergency notifications by law enforcement will be expanded to include “Ebony Alerts” for missing Black children and youths. Studies show African Americans are disproportionately on lists of the missing.

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"God Bless you! My mom contacted me to say that my daughter Ashleigh Porter was in Ebony magazine. I was so glad that my missing child was given the opportunity to this type of exposure. It has been so hard. She went missing on April 20, 2009. I agree totally that law enforcement and the media in some instances do us no justice. I knew nothing of your organization prior to this, but I'll know more now. You have given me a great service and I feel indebted to you. I do not want people to forget about my Ashleigh. Thank you again and bless your hearts for starting this organization."


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