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Carlee Russell admits there was no abduction. Experts say the saga puts ‘real’ missing Black women at risk.

Last year, Black women and girls accounted for 1 in 5 missing persons cases in the U.S. despite making up just 7% of the population.

Carlee Russell: A missing Black woman and a social media frenzy, explained

What the viral story of a missing Alabama woman says about all of us.

There are thousands of unsolved cases of missing Black people. Carlee Russell’s unverified report is rare, advocates say

The doubt surrounding the alleged kidnapping of Carlethia “Carlee” Nichole Russell, threatens to overshadow thousands of unsolved cases of missing Black people, advocates say.

Police, advocates join for ‘A State of Emergency: Missing, Murdered and Unaccounted for Women of Color’ memorial

Every year, hundreds of thousands are reported missing, but advocates say even though people of color make up 40% of the missing population, their cases go under the radar.

Will Carlee Russell case take focus off missing Black girls?

BAMFI's Co-Founder Derrica Wilson talks with NewsNation about the concerns that the Carlee Russell case will take focus off of missing Black girls.

How will Carlee Russell’s case affect future abduction cases?

Carlee Russell’s disappearance has raised concern about what it could mean for the over 500,000 people who go missing every year.

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"God Bless you! My mom contacted me to say that my daughter Ashleigh Porter was in Ebony magazine. I was so glad that my missing child was given the opportunity to this type of exposure. It has been so hard. She went missing on April 20, 2009. I agree totally that law enforcement and the media in some instances do us no justice. I knew nothing of your organization prior to this, but I'll know more now. You have given me a great service and I feel indebted to you. I do not want people to forget about my Ashleigh. Thank you again and bless your hearts for starting this organization."


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